Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Its been a while

Sooooo I haven't updated in a while because life has been crazy. Since my last post I have traveled to Africa again. This time to Nigeria. For my fathers funeral. Yea. Life has been crazy difficult. I actually have taken the semester off to be able to do that traveling and come home to spend time with my mom and pack (we're moving). Yup. In Chicago. It kinda sucks cuz I don't really have friends here, I mean, everyone is in school.

Its taken me a while to stop saying (and believing) that my life sucks. You know, try imagining losing someone you love so much. You can't actually imagine it. But if you can muster a tear multiply that. They say that you eventually won't cry every night - I haven't gotten to that place yet. But at least I've gotten to the point that I can live (a little) and smile.

I absolutely LOVE my friends at school. They have helped me sooo much. I miss them! but I'll see em in January. As for now...

Guess that means its time to make new friends!