Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween 2009... get ready

1st Tell me these aren't absolutely adorable!

now i'd never dress my baby up as a monkey for various reasons but he looks so cute

Baby Lion

Happy Place

Since school started a series of events progressed... a series of events that were new in my life. I came to a happy place in my life. I still am in this happy place although a certain chapter has closed. Life is sooo funny. This time last year I was a mess. Homesick on family weekend. This year will be my longest time spent away from home and family. The end of July all the way to Christmas. Its something wondering whats going on at home. Wondering what I can do about things going on there. Even being happy, thinking about whos not. Sometimes getting so carried away in thought fearing the day my happiness dimishes. What if it come to and end? What if I somehow get back to those days were a breakdown was something regular. Where tears, ceratinly no starngers to me, tears lived with me coming and going as they pleased. I'd like to declare that those days are gone. That hurt has ceased. I'm happy and content but not complacent. I'm ever striving, ever living, seeking.
You know, I'm so glad that my parents named me Ijeamak. My name means the journey is blessed, or God's blessing. I feel that everytime someone calls my name I'm being blessed. I think that I'm in one of the happy parts of my journey. You know longsuffering is a fruit of the spirt, and something I've experienced well. I thank God for that. It has made me stronger, patient. He has let me know that I can deal with things. I can be a strong person. One day I may have to be that for my family or my friends. He has prepared me.
Joy is also a fruit of the spirit. And I'm so thankful for the joy that I feel everyday.