Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ryan Leslie && Jasmine Sullivan Concert

randomly got a free ticket to the Ryan Leslie // Jamsine Sullivan Concert that was tonight at the House of Blues. My sister's friend got free tickets, and then my sis got a free ticket...and wallah, she gave it to me =D
UOOUuuh Ryan Leslie is such a great performer. I didn't even know he went to Harvard. I was about to be the nerd in the crowd to shout "GO IVYs!!!" haha we have a connect
but anywho he performed all my songs== all his songs
J Sullivan was the headliner. That girl can SSAAANG
I'm kinda tired so I may update later.
&& don't worry I'll have new normal blog topics soon... you all don't wanna hear about my life haha - but i LOVE going to concerts (&& so far I've gone to 2 in 4 days =D)

LUPE concert review

I've benn sooo MIA lately on a count of the summer, AND my internet was down
but now that its back up i have A LOT to blog about. I went to the Lady Sovereign and Lupe Fiasco concert last Friday. I only saw the last of Lady's performance which was purposeful... not into her at all. But Lupe was GGGRRREAT! hah, he performed all my jams... Paris Tokyo, Superstar, Go Go Gadjet Flow -- he even did his part in NERD's Everyone Nose. I was geeked --> pics will come later when my friend finally puts them up. [i didn't have my camera, shame on me]
Lady Sovereign

Of course you-tube never fails so here are some vids from the concert --Lupe also said that the whole thing would be on tv

He performed Shining Down from his NeW ALBUM

I'm soooo mad though
i'm gonna miss Kanye when he comes because i'll already be at school. My job as counselor begins the very day after the concert which means kanye will be in the Midwest && i'll be on the East Coast =[ boo whoo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson

The King of Pop dies Thursday, June 25, 2009 of a heart attack at the age of 50
He will surely be missed

*updated through iphone

Friday, June 19, 2009

NEW, new

still no current job. But at least I have a job lined up for end of July till school starts, with guaranteed good pay. So since i'll have a lot of money then I'm think what I should treat my self too. Of course most of it is going to go in the bank [&& that portion will probably go towards my tuition] but i figure I can still treat myself to something.

maybe new hair color [which my mom is totally against]

i'm also thinking about investing in a new laptop
my school gives discounts + i'll get the free touch and printer
so either a white Macbook or the Macbook Pro

some cute dresses and skirts

All from

these shirt dresses would look soo cute with these new Steve Madden Cowboy boots i just bought =D

So in other words... I'm extremely bored on this Friday morning
But tomorrow i get to rock my fro in a fashion show at a scholarship reception [i received $2400 from them last school year!]
&& then theres this Umo Igo Alliance gathering on the beach
&& on Monday.... TREY SONGS,, almost time to get excited!! haha

Amber Rose

Well, since i blogged about the girl yesterday, i must say that after reading her interview over at eModa.com I feel a different way about the girl

check it out yourself

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Celeb Burn Book

Ok so this idea of a celeb burn book came into my head becasue I was thinking about ms Amber Rose -- if you've watched Mean Girls, which i hope you have, then you recognize, "Janis Ian Amber Rose, dyke."

I guess I'm late or sumthin. Apparently Kanye and Amber broke up after it was more than confirmed that she was a lesbian, but some blogs are still reffering to her as Kanye's [current] dip. whats the deal?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair Wars

thought this was funny
... haven't visited this site yet though

weren't the afros at the end cute?! =D

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If you're from Chicago I know you have heard the Crooker's remix (electro version) of Kid Cudi's Day n Nite

I flippin love it, i kno there are some dissenters but i'm not one of them. I'll admit, a few friends at school got me to listening to some house -- its def a diff party scene than what i was used to, but fun none the less lol

I want this on my ipod. --it actually took me a while to find this because i didn't know who made this remix. I just knew I wanted the one played on B96

well here's some vids I found
i like the first one because it has the extended end that you hear on the radio

The second one is an actual video

don't be surprised if you hear this on the page next time you come through

Of course I still like the original ; ]

I'm trying to go see him at the B96 Summer Bash this year

Dear Mr. West, I still love you

guess this love is endless, although we've had our ups and downs

here the love performs a classic

gotta love it!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


sorry i've been MIA for a bit --summer equals busy week of nothingness <3
but have i got a treat for you!

So you probably haven't seen it yet but this IS the infamous 49minutes and 46second video that everyone will soon be chatting about featuring: Soulja Boy, Bow wow, Trey Songz, and Drizzy Drake - yup all in the same room

now @ 1st i was all for boosting egos about the sexiness that IS trey songz and the rest all together, they were only missing 1 person... that shall remain nameless for controversy

but then i listened closely to the females in the background
LMAO @ the skankaliscious Ooos in the the cut. Ladies never be this thirsty. Even though these guys are hott in their own right, i wouldn't tolerate the disrespect, and all i could do was laugh

but yea, watch if you like, its long but this is the summer so its highly unlikely that you don't have free time -- ENJOY the eye candy, dulce a mi ojos ; ]

oh yea, Day 26 is not really in the video
just a small cameo by Will