Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please... and Ciara

It's Sunday

In hair news
Ok so this is not news, but I didn't have a blog when she hit the scene rocking her braids. I love that a celeb is rockin them (i use to rock them all the time, and now I've finally learned to do something similar, "twist backs" [i forgot the other name] i've def rocked that already)
I just love when people switch up their hair. At school my friends are like, "girl you have a different hairstyle everyday!" && i have to admit that this is halfway true. =D

Don't forget to check out her hawt makeup

It's like a pink smo00000key eye. I like =]

Speaking of Ciara, I might be officially upset that I did not buy this black jumper which I didn't show in the shopping pics but did try on. Yes. Just look how cute it looks on Ciara when she was hanging out with what looks like her new bff Kim Kardashian.

Here is mine in black. Okay it may not look the hottest in these photos, but it was flippin fly. But i had to limit myself =[

Cia till nextime

Saturday, May 30, 2009


So me and the BFF went shopping yesterday
here's some of the cute stuff we found

So these were some of the things I tried on

Today was funn 2 but i'm too tired to upload pics from today

Thought i'd throw in some Birthday Sex though
being from the Chi, you know I have to support Jeremiah

Friday, May 29, 2009

Call me late but...

Teyana Taylor

whoda thunk it??? =/

Yes, in case you wanna sit && say it's not him in the 1st pic, well here he is facing forward. I mean they're not official but we all know how the "friends" thing goes

but i personally like her... at least i did when i first saw her on MTVs My Super Sweet Sixteen. She's a part of the Star Trek gang (she's his artist) although there is much debate about what it is that she actually does. I have heard one song of hers -- not a fave but she does have style.
i liked [&& still like] her fro too >>
Get her ring!!! << i want this

Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st Post

Well guys, I literally spent ALLLLLLLL morning creating this blog, the vision was there but the layout took some time! Now I'm ready to start entertaining you! well as soon as I have some you[s]. Keep checking back. I guarantee once this blog gets up and poppin you'll want to subscribe ; ] As for now I'll start off with something I lovvvee

Summer Shades!
As you can see from the profile pic, right now is beach time. The fellas are spittin that suga and the ladies are gettin spicey// you gotta have some hott shades
There are soo many that i could really make list of 100, but i'll just do 10 today
&& the price range is great whether you wanna save or splurge

1. HERWOOD Aldo $10 These are so cute, all the designers have made similar shades
2. GUAFIN Aldo $10 I <3 Cheetah print anything [Zebra too ;]]
3. MENASCO case Aldo [they just so happen to have the cutest cases for just $5
4. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Metal Tipped Oversized Square Sunglasses $98
5. Shades of Couture by Juicy Couture 'Moss' Vintage Inspired Metal Sunglasses $98
6. Paul Frank 'I Will Possess Your Heart' Sunglasses $87 these may have to be my fav on this list
7. Carrera Eyewear 'Master 2' Classic Metal Aviator Sunglasses $120 some of the hottest aviators i've seen
8. All F21 Wayfayers $5.80 cute prints <3
9. Shady Days $4.99 [SALE frm $18] Urban Outfitters (also the unlabeld pair top left)
10. Ray-Ban 'Original Aviator' Sunglasses ofcourse! ; ] $129