Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 Reflection

I would like to pause in remembrance for those who passed on September 11, 2001. Ten years ago today.

My school just held a memorial service which I came from (currently I'm in the library).

I was in 6th grade, Ms Keefe's class the morning of the attacks.
For whatever reason one of the main things I remember is when we got home, after my mom picked us all up --(my older sis went to high school down the str
eet, and my two younger sisters went to my elementary school)--- when we got home every television channel had coverage. Not that I was trying to watch cartoons, but even Nickelodean and Disney Channel were covering the attacks. It was the focus of our nation for a long while after that.

Not to soon after, in that same month did my Grandpa pass. We entered that school year in mourning, and now my family (who had not been personally effected *lost a family member that day) were now mourning a loved one.

Every September I think about this. I think about how I felt. I think about how those families felt. I empathize even more now having experienced what it feels like to abruptly lose someone.
Last September 2010 I lost my father to a heart attack. This is the first
year that I will have that horrible experience to remember. September 26, 2010.

If all of this has taught me anything (besides the politics... I've learned about that yes - especially being an International Relations Major) it has taught me that life is too short to be taken for granted. I know that is suppose to be a cliche saying. But it is something that I actually had to learn. If you want anything you should go after it. Someone one the September 11 CNN Reflections this morning said " Never live life having to say I should
have." And that man is right. You should strive to live each day ... not so much as if it were your last, but if it were your last chance to tell someone "I love you" say it - because life is unpredictable. As if it were your last chance to see someone, smile at them. If it were your last chance to lend a helping hand - do it. That man on CNN had helped evacuate Manhattan with his boat. He said that its something to be able to say you tried. If you failed -- you still tried, and if you succeed thats something to be proud of.

I'm 100% sure I started living my life differently after my Dad passed. I was likely a depressed wreck and I'm sure many of those who lost loved ones felt the same way or worse. Worse especially knowing that someone plotted and murdered thousands that day. Or that heroic acts and deaths occurred in response to a horrid act of hate.

In honor of those that passed on September 11, 2001, my grandfa
ther, and my father I'm going to try again and live my life differently from this day forward. To do my best to act out of love and not fear, because hate is never an issue with me, but fear can be very hindering. I aim to TRY, to SEEK, to BE PASSIONATE, BOLD and even when I am a little afraid, to be COURAGEOUS. To LIVE LIFE. Because I thi
nk a poet once said, "But to live doesn't mean you're alive" (well I guess that was a rapper, but rappers are poets in my book). My challenge then to you is, to LIVE.

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